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Doctor, How Do I Clean My Ears?

I get this question all of the time. And it doesn’t help that there are lots of over-the-counter ear cleaning remedies for sale at every drug store and grocery store. The first problem with this question is the word “clean.” Ears are not dirty. And, normally, you do not need to clean them. There are… Continue reading

What Is Tinnitus Anyway?

Tinnitus is when you hear ringing or a sound like crickets in one or both ears. These sounds are not external, so other people can not hear them. They are sounds that are actually produced by your ears. Tinnitus is not a disease. It’s a sign that something else is happening in your body. Tinnitus… Continue reading

Sleep And Your Hormones

How do falling hormone levels affect my sleep? Hormones are chemical messengers released into the bloodstream that exert chemical effects on cell receptors that affect our body’s temperature control, metabolism, sleep, growth, aging, and immune function. As we age, both men and women experience a decline in our levels of hormone production. One of these… Continue reading

How Does Climate Change Affect Sleep?

Years of research have shown the importance of sleep for human health. Poor sleep can lead to a multitude of medical problems including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, reflux, dementia, decreased metabolism, depression, and of course all of the problems that come with overwhelming fatigue including car accidents, and lost productivity at work. Even our immune… Continue reading

Allergies: What Are Pollens?

Pollens are produced by plants so that they can reproduce. Very small pollens are carried by the wind. These pollens which are airborne come from trees, grasses, and weeds. Larger pollens are the ones carried by insects such as bees. Certain plants pollinate at different times of the year, and those times of the year… Continue reading

Covid and Anosmia

What a year this has been. No one could have predicted that this virus would be responsible for over 3 million deaths worldwide. We’re only beginning to understand the long-term effects of this disease. Within the world of Ear Nose and Throat medicine, we’re seeing viral effects often presenting months after the virus. Loss of… Continue reading

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