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An estimated 22 million Americans have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that stops breathing. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of this medical condition, caused by a blockage in the airway while sleeping. Sleep apnea affects men and women of any age and can even be present in children. There are serious health risks associated with untreated sleep apnea, which is why anyone with this condition should seek a sleep medicine specialist. Julie Zweig, MD Integrative Sleep & ENT provides holistic, integrative sleep apnea treatment at our facility in Alpharetta, GA.

Symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

OSA occurs when the airway is blocked during sleep. This can occur due to nasal obstructions such as a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates. The obstruction can also occur in the back of the mouth if the soft pallet or tonsils are too large or oddly structured. Individuals who are overweight are at higher risk for OSA due to excess tissue around the neck. Symptoms include:

  • Snoring
  • Gasping for air
  • Headaches in morning
  • Excessive tiredness during the day
  • High blood pressure
  • Difficulty concentrating

Cutting off the oxygen supply hundreds of times each night can have an impact on your health. These low or absent breathing events often cause low oxygen in the blood. Sleep apnea can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes – it can even decrease your metabolism, which can result in weight gain, making sleep apnea worse.

Overcoming OSA

Untreated OSA can significantly impact your health, but there are effective options for better sleep. Dr. Julie Zweig is a dual board certified physician, specializing in sleep medicine and treating the ear, nose and throat (ENT). She is one of the only ENT specialists in the south to offer unique, integrative and holistic approaches to ENT and sleep disorders. Dr. Zweig offers non-invasive OSA treatment options that can help patients with OSA breathe and sleep better for optimal health.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or have symptoms of this condition, come see us at Julie Zweig, MD Integrative Sleep & ENT. We can provide diagnosis with a sleep study and begin a personalized treatment plan to overcome your obstructive sleep apnea. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Zweig, contact our office in Alpharetta, GA.

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