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Mucus is a useful substance that lubricates the tissues in your nose, throat and respiratory system. It is produced in large quantities every day – your nose alone can regularly create a quart of mucus a day. Regular mucus production in the nose is unnoticeable, but if there is too much or it is thicker than normal, it can overflow due to allergies. This can result in either a runny nose or post-nasal drip. At Julie Zweig, MD Integrative Sleep & ENT, we can diagnose the cause of post-nasal drip and provide treatment at our clinic in Alpharetta, GA.

Symptoms and Causes of Postnasal Drip

Mucus flowing down the back of the throat from the nasal passages keeps the tissues lubricated. When you have excess mucus or thicker mucus that irritates the throat, it is called postnasal drip. This can feel like pressure or an item in your throat – the need to continually clear your throat or cough are common with postnasal drip. Some people may also experience a sore or hoarse throat with excess drainage from the sinuses and nasal passages.

If you have postnasal drip, it is likely a nasal condition causing your issue, but not always. Some of the possible causes include:

  • Allergic rhinitis (allergies)
  • Acute or chronic sinusitis
  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Medications
  • Pregnancy
  • Deviated septum
  • External substances or environmental issues – fumes, smoke, spicy foods and cold air

Most causes of postnasal drip are temporary or can be controlled with conservative treatments. Colds, flus, allergies or environmental issues can be managed and minimize excess mucus production. For chronic postnasal drip, the underlying cause needs to be addressed to control the symptoms.

If you are experiencing postnasal drip that is causing discomfort, there are treatments to give you relief. At Julie Zweig, MD Integrative Sleep & ENT, we offer integrative and functional medicine to address the source of symptoms like postnasal drip and improve overall health for our patients. To schedule an exam and consultation with our ENT specialist, call or contact our medical center. We are located in Alpharetta, GA near Dunwoody, Roswell and the north Atlanta metro area.

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