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Sleep hygiene, healthy sleep habits, is an important aspect of improving the quantity and quality of your sleep. One part of good sleep hygiene is setting up your sleeping space to be as peaceful and irritant-free as possible. As a bonus, some ways to set up your space for sleep may also help stimulate intimacy. Below are five tips, in no particular order, for setting up a restful and sensual sleeping space.

1) Move the electronics

Electronics such as T.V.s, smartphones, and tablets emit blue light, reducing the amount of melatonin your body makes. Melatonin is a hormone that helps tell your body when it is time to go to bed. Watching T.V. or scrolling through Instagram also keeps your brain active, and unlike the T.V., your brain doesn’t have a control switch to instantly turn it off. Most people need time to unwind before their brain “turns off” for sleep. That’s why it’s best to stop using electronics about two hours before bedtime. If you can’t get rid of the electronics completely, try blue light filters on your screens or get a pair of blue light glasses. Additionally, having electronics in the bedroom may also distract from intimate encounters.

2) Keep it cool

Keeping your sleeping space cool can help get you to sleep quicker. Our bodies naturally cool down at night, signaling that it’s time for sleep. By keeping your room cool, you reinforce this natural signal, making it easier to fall asleep. Room temperature preference is highly variable for intimacy, but keeping your room cool may encourage you to snuggle closer to your partner!

3) Get nice sheets (and keep them clean)

Feeling comfortable is necessary to achieve full relaxation. Getting sheets that feel nice on your skin, whether you like the smoothness of silk or the coziness of fleece, may help you get that luxurious night’s rest you have been looking for. Keeping your sheets clean and free of allergens is good for everyone, particularly those with allergies. Allergens may get stuck in your bedding, so regular cleaning can help keep them at bay and keep you less congested and breathing easier. And who doesn’t like to cuddle up in some nice sheets?

4) Use blackout curtains

Light pollution may keep your brain from recognizing that it’s time to sleep. Artificial light from the streets may seep into your bedroom at night, especially if you live in an urban area. Blackout curtains, typically double-lined and made from tightly woven fabric, create a barrier between you and the light. They also can help you set the mood for some daytime fun.

5) Lay down an area rug

If you live with someone with a different schedule than you, you may all too often wake up to floor creeks and footfalls. An area rug is an easy way to soften the noise and keep you dreaming. Just be careful about allergens. If you are sensitive to allergens, consider a floor mat instead, such as ones commonly found next to kitchen sinks. Bonus: it can help keep any noise inside your room too.

Do you have any other tips for setting up a restful sleeping space? Leave them in the comments below!

Posted on behalf of Julie Zweig, MD

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